Grace & Carly’s Summer Job!

We Want to Put Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on Your Table With a Tower Garden

grace-and-carly-at-the-amphibian-houseOur Dad wanted us to find summer jobs, but he started a business for us instead. We could have had a lemonade stand and learned how to make and sell lemonade. Instead we are learning how to garden, eating better because we grow our own fruits and vegetables and sharing what we are doing with our friend’s parents, our teachers, at church and in the different activities that we do after school.

What is a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden is a vertical aeroponic growing system with no soil. Plants are nourished by a mist of nutrients that is automatically sprayed on them during the day and night. You grow your own organic fruits and vegetables at home. To learn more about what a Tower Garden is and how you can grow good health and make your family healthier, too,
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